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Keep in mind framing can add another 10 inches (25.40 cm) in both directions depending on your choice of mat and frame.

Frame organic subjects in wood rather than metal. Wooden frames come in every color including gilt and silver leaf.

To prevent mishandling, select a framer who specializes in Fine Art.

Consider ready-to-hang canvas with white or black sides. An optional floating frame may be added.


First, determine if you will be sitting or standing in the space and position the artwork at eye level.

If hanging the artwork above furniture, leave a space of about 9 inches (22.86 cm). The artwork should measure at least 2/3 of the width of any furniture it is placed above.

If arranging a grouping, ease your eyes with one unobstructed vertical line and one horizontal line.

Consider placing a mirror opposite the artwork so it can be enjoyed by more of your guests.


If protected from moisture and UV light, the colors are expected to stay true beyond 100 years.

  • Avoid hanging artwork in direct sunlight
  • Avoid bright lights directed at the artwork
  • Avoid fluorescent lights
  • Consider tinting windows with UV protectant
  • Consider individual picture lights
  • Choose UV protective glass for your framed art
  • Know that canvas prints purchased from me have been treated with a UV protective coating.


Imagine a room of light colored neutrals — a monochromatic palette. The pale wall color is echoed in the pale upholstery, pale draperies, and in the pale pattern of a rug. The look is soft and subdued, punctuated only by the dark finishes of occasional tables. But something more is needed to unify this color scheme. So you introduce dark and moody artwork to complement the dark wood. The room is now balanced.

Now imagine an industrial-chic room with concrete walls. So sleek and energizing at first glance; but even though you've added color splashed pillows and a faux fur throw as counterpoints, it still feels austere. Something more is needed. So you introduce the illusion of depth with soft lighting and impressionist artwork to pick up the colors of the room in deep, rich tones. The room is now balanced.


I met my first horses in 2012. They served in Portland's Mounted Patrol Unit and were stabled near downtown, easily accessible by public transportation. So I began hanging out with them on their days off. Spending time with my horse-friends soon became the highlight of my week so I decided to learn more about horses in general. The most important thing I learned was that conventional wisdom about horses had been overturned in the last decade.

I highly recommend the following books:

Also, I recommend everything by these masters: Bill and Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Mark Rashid, Monty Roberts.